This is where the fun begins…

This is the blog surrounding my journey through the second semester during the development of the starting section of DARE, which was created by George’s during the first semester of Year 2. The game will involve players navigating a dungeon-like environment full of different types of demons including some of which have been seen in his Games Design Document.

Here is a list of ways to navigate the blog:

Weekly Blog Posts:

Here will contain blogs surrounding the happenings of each week and what had transpired work-wise as well as any decisions that had been made regarding my focal area.

Map With Torch Light Distances.jpg

Map Build:

Unlike the Blogs which will talk about what was achieved in each week of semester two, this page will contain a more detailed account of the process and journey of placing the environmental assets into the DARE environment.

Screenshot (54).png


In this page, I will be talking about some of the animations that I completed during the semester and the process that I went through in making them having had no background in 3D animation what so ever. This ought to be interesting…

Screenshot (88).png